101 in 1001

One of the biggest challenges of New Year's Resolutions is that you are only limited to one year. Resolving to reach a goal isn't exactly the same as keeping a bucket list. I've noticed that one of my biggest drawbacks to having really big ideas is that you never know where you can fit them into your personal timeline.

This little project is a pleasant change. Created by @MackenzieHoran of Design Darling, this is a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days (2.75 years). Just enough time to achieve some amazing things, but also short enough to make them attainable.

When I started to create this list, I look at at least 20-30 others for inspiration. Happily, I noticed that many of "the usual suspects" were items that I'd already accomplished or experienced. So, my motivation behind this list is to actively take things one step further; to create an experience and become something more.

Start:  January 2, 2014
End:  September 29, 2016

1) Create a 101 in 1001 list  (1/6/14)

  1. Finish styling our first house, inside and out
  2. Have our house featured on a major blog or online magazine
  3. Finish refinishing my Great Grandmother's bedroom set (2/7)
  4. Completely revitalize my front and back yards
  5. Buy a car
  6. Sustain a lemon tree in Atlanta
  7. Complete our set of Global Knives (Holiday 2014)
  8. Perfectly roast a chicken
  1. Buy my first investment handbag
  2. Cut my hair short (5/22/2014)
  3. Get everything on Nina Garcia's 100 list
  4. Have an out-of-the-ordinary engagement photo shoot (9/30/14)
  5. Buy a pair of riding boots that actually look great on me
  6. Dress up more, even though I currently work from home
  7. Go to a Black Tie function
  8. Have a Harajuku makeover in Tokyo (April 2016)
  9. Have a dress made for me
  10. Buy a complete head-to-toe outfit in one outing for a special occasion 
  11. Color my hair purple
  12. Buy all new lingerie
  13. Buy a fascinator in London (May 2015)
  14. Buy something amazing and incredibly reduced at a designer sample sale
  15. Figure out how to apply eyeliner perfectly, the first time
  1. See Britney Spears in Las Vegas (8/27/14)
  2. Travel to England, France and Italy for our honeymoon (May 2015)
  3. Rent a flat abroad
  4. Travel to Japan for his birthday (April 2016)
  5. Travel to Spain for my birthday (August 2016)
  6. See a glacier
  7. Go crazy shopping in NYC 
  8. Go on a food & wine tour of Napa and Sonoma
  9. See a Broadway play 
  10. See Taylor Swift in concert (Oct 2015)
  11. See all 50 states, staying for at least one night (18 to go)
  12. Visit the MoMa in NYC
  13. Go to a Discotheque
  14. Go on a trip with my grandmother
  15. Earn Delta Gold Status
  16. Dip in the Pacific Ocean (11/4/14)
  17. Ride a Vespa 
  18. Eat Lobster in Maine (Aug 2015)
  19. Take a last-minute vacation, overnight
  20. See a fjord
  21. See the Northern Lights
  22. Go south of the equator
  23. Hike up an active volcano
  24. Go to the FL/GA game in Jax
Health & Fitness
  1. Run a half marathon (Feb 2016)
  2. Ride in a hot air balloon (May 2015)
  3. Run a Disney race (Feb 2016)
  4. Finish a 10k in under an hour
  5. Get under 115 lbs, and stay there.
  6. Go on a fitness-based trip
  7. Complete another longer-distance Adventure/Obstacle Run
  8. Reach the 7,500-minute milestone in N+TC (as of 11/12/14: 6,100 minutes)
  9. Cox for one more season
  10. Visit a dermatologist 12/30/14
  11. Improve my shooting skills, nay I say a "sharpshooter"
  12. Bowl a 150 average
  13. Learn to play golf
  14. Tryout for Roller Derby
  1. Learn stick shift
  2. Read every Jane Austen novel (2/7)
  3. Buy a substantial piece of art (not a print)
  4. Create a substantial piece of art
  5. Get Tim Lincecum's autograph
  6. Go to an Academy Awards Best Picture movie showcase weekend (Feb 14 & 21, 2015)
  7. Get my palm read
  8. Read 50 books (22/50 as of 1/20/15)
  9. Become a better conversationalist at parties
  10. Establish a Sunday ritual of reading in bed in the morning
  11. Re-read The Catcher in the Rye (11/9/14)
  12. Re-read Portrait of a Lady
  13. Learn darkroom photography
  14. Go to a Roller Disco
  15. Go to a Rave
  16. Stay up all night and have breakfast at 3am
  17. Find a vintage copy of Goose Fair by Cecil Roberts
  18. Read D. H. Lawrence's "Women in Love"
  19. Create an alter ego for one night
  20. Get a tattoo 
  1. Find an amazing new job in Atlanta
  2. Redesign my personal and home blogs
  3. Be a guest blogger/writer on someone's website
  4. Learn how to code
  5. Blog every day for two weeks (3/2-3/15/2015)
  6. Buy a blog domain (thekithouseblog.com, 1/6/2015)
  7. Find the perfect skirt suit for work
  8. Reach 500 Twitter followers (338, as of 1/20/15)
  9. Develop an idea for a novel
  10. Be part of a startup company
  11. Write a speech for an event (SMS Charms Chapel 5/21/14)
  12. Finish my "real" journal
For Others
  1. Buy someone the absolute best birthday present
  2. Plan a full-day date 
  3. Throw an amazing Bachelorette party (for Mary, 4/11-13/2014)
  4. Organize one big St. Margaret's fundraiser
  5. Be a mentor
  6. Complete the 52-week money saving challenge and donate it
  7. Work with Lean In, or another female-centric organization

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  1. Hi! Love your list! Stealing some of your ideas for myself for these next few years. if you want to become a better conversationalist i highly recommend theSkimm- it's a great news digest and takes just 5 minutes to read. http://www.theskimm.com/?r=35BCE