Monday, April 16, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey

I finished this series in less than a week. It's beyond sick, and I love it. So instead of a book review, (because it's all plot, sex, plot, plot, sex, sex, resolution), I'll do my own casting so you can see what has been taking up my entire brain for the last seven days.

Christian Grey - Matt Bomer
Blame Glee. His appearance on the show was the day I started falling into this book. Milo Ventimiglia runs a close second. Or you could reverse age Christian Bale...

Anastasia Steele - Alexis Bledel
Ana's character does slightly reflect Rory Gilmore, and the big blue eyes and hyper blush are pretty much built in. It'd be quite the role to bring her out the Stars Hollow persona.

Kate - Blake Lively
Sisterhood of the Travelling pants chemistry, just don't let her steal the spotlight.

Elliot -  Brody Jenner
Slight playboy, but could buckle when he meets Blake Lively.

Taylor - Tom Hardy
Sawyer- Simon Pegg
They're Security, kicking it 24/7. Driving Audis and buying Ana clothes...

Mrs. Jones - Zoe Saldana

Mia- Krysten Ritter

Ethan - Chace Crawford

Jose- Jay Hernandez

Jack Hyde - Cillian Murphy
He's kinda my go-to bad guy, like Skeet Ulrich or Timothy Olyphant. Although the guy in my head was actually Scott Adsit from 30Rock. Don't ask...

Elena- Tabatha Coffey
She's not an actress, but plays a perfect older blonde Dominatrix...

Leila- Leighton Meester or Ashley Greene
Creepy Brunettes with guns.

No book is going to fill this void, at least for a couple weeks, until I can get unwound. Now to get all these young Hollywood peeps to agree to what sure will be an NC-17 flick...

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