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It's no secret that I love The Unlost, Therese Schwenkler's blog for non-sucky advice and finding your true path in life. I squealed like a teenage girl when she tweeted me this spring. However brief the encounter, it got me really amped to make this blog more than just writing randoms.

This week, Therese posted her "Resume" on what she's all about, and bits of her past that got her to where she is. I thought this would be a crazy exercise to do for myself. A good chunk of my blog posts are for looking ahead or enjoying the present (instructional). But, we also learned exploratory writing in 4th grade, so that should get some action, too.

Twitter: @CoxswainPatti

To be an original; and also be a bad ass gunslinger.
To do things in my own way, in my own time.

-Very organized and presses really hard when writing
-Expects to cox her way through life
-Works hard, not to get noticed, but to make absence felt.
-Very discerning palate

1990-2001 Public School
-Did not speak, was deemed "very sensitive"
-Took a long time to establish style and social circle, only to start over again every two years

2001-2003 St. Margaret's School (private, single-sex boarding school)
-Learned to speak, forcefully
-Learned the magnificent art that is rowing and coxing
-Learned that family was superfluous, and one should always, above all, be self-sufficient
-Learned that sleep is also superfluous, and not always necessary

2003- December 2007 The University of Florida
-Majored in Advertising and Crew
-Minored in English, FSA Dance, and part-time jobs
-Learned to time-manage, and sleep-manage
-Organized 1st Annual Crew Family Weekend and newsletter, proving that I could use my major for something besides the collegiate-version of Mad Men

Jan 2008-Feb 14, 2008 Unemployed
-Learned that some people can live with their parents. I cannot.
-Grad School was an option, only because I could not live with my parents.
-Had the joy of applying to jobs all across the US, and fantasizing about moving out

February 2008-Present Conference and Marketing Associate
-Organizes and markets academic books
-I'm actually very happy with my career right now, and the freedom it gives me
-Realized that I no longer want to be an editor, but an event planner, or an editor...

Spring 2008-Fall 2009 Master's Rowing
-Realized that coxing can be really hard when you don't like your teammates, or politics, or ageists. Do what makes you happy. If you're not happy, stop doing it.
-Indefinite hiatus from coxswaining, but finds other things to cox day-to-day

2009 Started iCoxswain
-Found out blogging was easier than journal writing, and decided that someone needed to hear all the witty quips/low blows in my head

Summer 2009-Present SMS & Florida Crew Alumni Councils
-Filled void by using job skills for a good cause: development and fundraising
-Working from home = a lot of spare time + ability to multi-task

2012 Re-purposed iCoxswain
-After a blowout fight, I wanted to turn corner and start being a happier, more goal-oriented person
-Developing/building an audience to perhaps lead to a more meaningful dialogue

1995 Mike
-Realized that dating can be inappropriate in elementary school, but kissing is fun
-Rules out dating in military fields

2001(high school) Jeremy
-First "real" boyfriend
-Reinforces no military-dating rule
-Establishes undesirability for long-distance relationships and assholes

2002, Spring 2003-August 2004, May-October 2008 Eric Lange
-First "serious" relationship
-Establishes rule that one should not date out of guilt or convenience
-Learned that mutual attraction is kind of a big deal

2003-2007 Random College relationships
-Thankful that AIM is no longer an acceptable form of communication
-Learned to never get caught
-Learned to recognize when someone clearly isn't The One
-MRS degree, no thanks…
-Learned to sleep alone and how to fight dirty
-If they don't understand crew or the priority it has, or any priority for that matter, then they can f*** off.

2009-Present The One
-The trick is not to be co-dependent, but independent individually first.
-Long-distance is possible as long as you have a map.
-There are "his things", "my things", and "our things". None of which overlap.
-Finding someone good comes when you're finally at peace with being single, which doesn't include saying "I'm perfectly fine being married to my career…"

-Most Likely To Succeed // Best All-Around // Looks Can Be Deceiving // Mixer Queen/Triple Crown
-"Steers a Straight course", "Dance party Narcoleptic", and "Can really count to Ten" recipient

I actually saw a coxswain resume once, read more like "here's every race I've been in." This however is kind of like a short journey on why I can be a judgmental hard ass, which believe me, was not my intention. I knew I could never be a professional coxswain, but it kind of sounds like I already am. I'll take that as a strength, and not a weakness.

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